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Curtis Rainge said:   July 16, 2008 5:32 am PST
Greg, Great class and I learned alot by just listening and everything came as a refresher. You are an awesome instructor and will highly recommend others to consider you as their number one choice for a CCW Permit. The range time was very good and you taught some safety tips that will be useful to me in securing weapons inside the home. Again, thanks for putting on such great class.

Pattie R said:   July 14, 2008 8:15 am PST
I got my permit today - Woo Hoo! Thanks Greg for a great class

Sam Atkinson said:   June 13, 2008 7:23 am PST
Greg, Keep up the good work. To anyone considering firearms training, you can't go wrong here. From novice to expert, you will enjoy the teaching technique and come away prepared and confident.

Brad said:   June 11, 2008 9:04 am PST
Greg, thanks for a very enjoyable and relaxed class and shoot. You have a great way of teaching the requirements and making them easy to understand. Thanks again.

John T said:   May 17, 2008 1:10 am PST
Great class, Greg! It was very imformative, yet relaxed enough for questions and answers. I recommend this class to all who are interested. I hope to take an advanced class in the future.

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